You Should Take A Look At This Superb Madison Log Home

Are you thinking of building a brand new log house? If you are looking at buying a log home building kit like the ones from Honest Abe Log Homes, but you don't want to build the kit yourself, you can always hire someone to construct it for you. Honest Abe Log Homes has a Construction Department that provides a Dry-in Service which is a crew that will assemble your log house for you. The service would include completing the first-floor framing and subfloor; they would also set the log or timber frame package in place and construct the ceiling beam system as well as build the roof system. They will also install the exterior doors and windows and rough-in the interior walls and stairs to be finished by another contractor. They do, however, build the porches and decks that are included in the design which is a lot of work all in itself. With Honest Abe Construction crews you can be assured that once a crew is assigned to build your home, they will be completely focused on your project until it has been completed and they won't have other projects to work on at the same time.

Also, most of their crew leaders have been building Honest Abe Log Homes for over 10 years which gives them a lot of experience in log home building. The crews also follow the building system and protocol that the company sets in place to make sure that each of their log houses is built to a high standard. The builders are also fully insured which is very important too. The prices for hiring a crew from Honest Abe are kept very reasonable and affordable too, so it won't make it too hard to fit the building service into your budget. They also have the Honest Abe HELP Build Program

which puts customers in touch with professional builders in your area that will complete the log home construction process. They can help you find qualified tradesmen, like log home builders, electricians, plumbers, masons, excavators and more to complete your build. This will make it really easy for you to put the finishing touches on your log home, helping you get ready to be able to move in and start living happily in your beautiful home. Honest Abe also provides in-house design services which will help you make any changes to your design to make it more your own. So you can take a floor plan like the Madison and change it up as you need to to make it work for you and your family.

Another great thing about Honest Abe is that they practice good stewardship of our natural resources and they have done this for longer than most log home building companies too. They make sure that they are using every part of a log or piece of timber and they create nearly a zero-percent waste factor. The by-products like the pine sawdust and shavings are sold to one of their sister companies which is a mulch company, Barky Beaver which is then used for animal bedding and other uses as well. They will also help their customers with getting financing for their log home building project too which makes it financially easier for the customers. So if you are looking for a log home builder to create your perfect log house designs, Honest Abe might just be the one. They have locations all over the US so you can probably find a location close to you. For now, you can look through some of their lovely log house designs and see which ones you like the most.***

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