Get A Load Of This Wonderful Bellewood Log Home

When it comes to building a log house, one of the main priorities is finding a good log house construction company to work with on your project. The number of log home building companies has definitely grown over the years and seems to continue to grow. But like any other industry, it's always advisable to go with a company who has a good reputation and one that's been around for a while that has a lot of building experience. Honest Abe Log Homes has been in the log home building business since 1979. They started out as a log house manufacturer in Moss, Tennesee and evolved as the years went on. They continue to remain focused on family values and on their passion for log house construction. They have always been one of the most highly regarded log home builders in the log home industry. They welcome their customers and others to come into their factory and have a look around to see how their log houses are built. You can see first hand how a log home is constructed and all of the hard work and amazing attention to detail that goes into a home that they create.

They have a huge catalogue of log house designs, including the Bellewood design. Each of the plans can be modified to fit with the individual client's vision and needs. The home you see here was created from the Bellewood design and is quite amazing. The original Bellewood design is from their Legacy Collection and is 2,591 square feet which is pretty large. The home has 2 floors with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Great for a family of 4 or 5 to live in full-time quite comfortably. The home can also be built on a basement foundations which would give you more space to play around with and add more bedrooms if needed. The floor plan of this log house is quite open and very spacious. The high ceilings really help with this as well as all of the large windows throughout the design. You can see some of the incredibly exposed beams throughout the home too which adds to the overall impact of the home. Seeing the logs that make up a home like this really gives you an appreciation for the design as well as the materials that are used to build it. Some of the logs are so huge it's very impressive to think about the tree it came from and how the craftsmen handcrafted it to fit so perfectly into the design.

The great room is at the centre of the floor plan in this design, and then the dining room and the kitchen area are off to one side, and the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom are on the other. There's also a semi-attached family room that is accessible by a breezeway. This home doesn't seem to have a basement, so this would be a great way to add some extra space to enjoy. The other two bedrooms are upstairs with a shared bathroom and a balcony that's open to the living room below. The custom woodwork and masonry throughout the home is also very beautifully done and matches the rest of the design so well. They also have a double car garage built in the same style as the home, so it matches. Living in a luxury log house like this would be a dream come true for so many people, and if you're one of those people, you should definitely have a look at some more of the log house designs from Honest Abe Log Homes.***

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