Feast Your Eyes With This Marvellous Sequoia Log Home

Are you an admirer of log houses? Check out this beautiful log home called the Sequoia from Wallnut Valley Log Homes. This is one of the log house designs from their collection of 20 designs that include smaller log houses to larger log homes. The log home building company creates designs that are traditional, like this one, as well as contemporary style log houses with more of a modern look. So depending on your personal style, with a company like this you could go either way with your design. Handcrafted homes are almost always created in the traditional log home building style. Scribed logs that are handcrafted and very natural looking. With the manufactured logs that are crafted with a lathe, you get more of a uniform look which tends to also look a lot more modern than the handcrafted log houses. The Sequoia definitely has a traditional look to it. The home is handcrafted using scribed round logs for a round log profile on both the interior and the exterior of the home. The cathedral ceilings show off the amazing natural log beams in the home as well as create that nice, light and airy feeling in the home. You can also see up into the loft from the main floor and from the loft, you can look down into the main living area.

Inside the living room is a gorgeous handcrafted stone fireplace that becomes the central focus of the room. They also created a very nice mantle out of full, round logs which match the logs that make up the home. The craftsmen also created some beautiful arched doorways in the home that shows off the edges of each of the logs adding some great visual interest. Wallnut Valley Log Homes also specializes in creating staircases and railings which are another great focal point of any home. All of their staircases including the one in this home are built out of real logs. Having the beautiful log railings is essential in a log house, especially one that's following more of a traditional style. The kitchen and the dining room area have lower ceilings but still, have the beautiful exposed log beams and the rounded log walls. The kitchen also features some lovely handcrafted cabinetry paired with granite counter tops an some stainless steel appliances. The owners went with traditional style wooden furniture throughout the home which creates a warm country home feel.

If you're interested in working with Wallnut Valley Log Homes, they operate out of Sugarcreek, Ohio and if you live in their vicinity, you can have them design and build a log house for you. They have their 20 designs including the Sequoia, and each of them can be altered as needed. So if you need an extra bedroom or you want to bump a wall out to make more space, they will be happy to do that for you. As is the case with most log home building companies you can also have them design a custom log house for you that is completely original. But the best way to start working on your log home is to look at different log house designs and see which ones appeal to you the most. If you can, it's a great idea to even spend some time in a few different ones too by vacationing in them. Once you have all of your ideas, you can go to the log home building company of your choice and start to design your dream log home. Or maybe you'll find an existing floor plan that you love and can work off of.***

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