Check Out This Affordable Tiny Log Cabin

Have you wanted a log cabin for quite some time? This log cabin from Washington based log cabin builder, Mr Cabin Inc. might just be the one for you. The company builds very affordable log cabins under 200 square feet that are very high quality. Rhett Conner and Robert Burrington are the owners Mr Cabin, and you can tell that they love what they do. If you already have your piece of land, and you're looking for log cabin designs that suit your style and budget, it's worth having a look around online at all of the amazing small log cabins. You should have an idea of the style and size you'd like as well as different ammenities like the bathroom or a kitchen. You should also keep in mind the landscape you'll be working with on your property as well. If you have a sloping property, sometimes that can be a bit trickier to build on, but the good news is that these cabins from Mr Cabin can be built on hillsides. Having your home or cabin built on a hillside actually gives you an advantage of an incredible view. Plus, it makes for some more architecturally interesting designs.

Rhett and Robert have been friends since they were just kids and they each have over 45 years of construction experience. They love building these small log cabins as well as small garages and sheds out of natural four-inch milled logs. The truth is, real, natural logs add more value to your home not only structurally but also for insulation. The thicker the log, the higher the R-value, which is the way that a home's airtightness is measured. These log cabins look very substantial and sturdy, which means they would last for years and you could get so much use out of them. They build them with very simple designs which is usually all people want with a log cabin. Just a nice, warm, cozy and inviting place to venture to and recharge your batteries. The cabins are built in a few different sizes including the largest which is shown in the photo called the Grizzly. This log cabin is 10 feet by 20 feet with a loft, and it measures 14 feet tall at the peak. The Grizzly costs around $11,600 if it's built right on the building site and only $9,600 for a milled kit that the customer would build themselves.

There's also the smaller Mama Bear cabin which costs $6,600 for them to build it for you or $4,800 for the cabin kit. Each of their log structures will come with the option of a metal or cedar roof with an overhang and the option of dormer windows. They also chink the spaces between the logs to create a nice, airtight envelope after the building has been constructed and has been given adequate time to dry and settle. These small log cabins offer people a very affordable way to get a real log cabin that they can use for recreational use and enjoy for the rest of their lives. Having a smaller log cabin is also much easier to take care of than a large log cabin or home so you can actually enjoy your cabin more than you have to take care of it. If you are not able to get one of the log cabins from Mr Cabins because you don't live in their area, you can always just use their designs as inspiration for what you want to build and look for similar log cabin designs in your area. Check out all of the photos and get inspired by these lovely log cabins.***

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